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Guava Pastries (18 units)

Guava Pastries (18 units)


There is no way to resist this sweet Guava sponge cake.

18 units of 4oz per box.

Wheat flour [enriched and bleached flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, modified starch, whey, yeast (sodium aluminum phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), emulsifier (propylene glycol mono esters, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, BHT, citric acid), wheat gluten, salt, contains less than 2% sugar, artificial flavor, sodium stearoyl lactylate, (ascorbic acid, benzoyl peroxide, L-acetyl lactylate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium stearoyl lactylate (ascorbic acid, benzoyl peroxide, L-cysteine, azodicarbonamide, alpha amylase)], Sugar, Soybean oil, Water, Egg, Guava (guava, sugar, modified starch, citric acid, potassium sorbate as preservative, artificial colors FD&C red 40), Preservatives (potassium sorbate sodium propionate), Baking powder (sodium pyrophosphatidic acid, sodium carbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), Vanilla (water, propylene glycol, caramel color).
Contains: Wheat, Soybean, Milk, Egg

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